Saturday, October 9, 2010

Top tube black band design, White vs. Blue

It appears on a precursory check of Raleigh Grand Prixs that a white model never came out that had a "black band" on the top tube. This would date any white models to being post 1975. Of course, the model in the picture has the Carlton hoods as well which likewise seemed to be out of use by this time period.

Compare to a Raleigh GP with the black band on top tube:

Likewise, in 1968, it would appear there were not blue models being manufactured according to the Retro Raleighs site.

Likewise, a note for the 1977 listing, few bronze colored GPs have been sighted.

Also, though "white" Grand Prixs seem to be rare, is it any wonder that with the "Bike Boom" popularity of Peugeots and their famous white models such as the AO-8, Raleigh might come out with some white framed bicycles. Only things to be thought of while blogging I guess. If one observes the vintage bikes for sale out there, it seems obvious that white came out by many producers in the mid-seventies and it is highly likely they were likely emulating the success of Peugeot as shown by this example of a Belgian made bike. Looks a lot like a Peugeot at first.

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