Friday, October 8, 2010

Red Raleigh Grand Prix with Carlton White Hoods.

First, the below showed photograph is of a Raleigh Super Course, next up in the line of Raleighs after the Grand Prix and is shown for illustrative purposes.

I will only provide the link on this:

The owner writes he was able to buy the bike unassembled so that is why it looks so minty, got to put the pedals on though. Some of these Raleighs do indeed look brand spanking new. Good man this Rosencranz fellow, has a weak place in his heart for a Grand Prix.

Notice, the first wave of Raleigh Grand Prixs to hit the states for all intents and purposes have that style, the black banded area on the 3 tubes of the triangle, down, top and seat tube giving a distinctive look it be the frame being colored Blue, Red, White or Green (I said maybe yellow, I would need confirmation. White ones seem to be rare and are very attractive bikes too). Other bike makers still produced fine bikes but being mostly the same color as say a blue Motobecane Mirage for example made the Grand Prix instantly recognizable.

For comparison as to how the Grand Prixs looked, note this Super Course model by Raleigh, very handsome as well is this green and white bike but not as recognizable as a Gran Prix.

BTW, the other CycloFiend RGP is a white one and looks like it appeared on an earlier page; this link gives more pictures: Whattya know: it was originally blue and he painted it white! Okay, still on the lookout for the White RGP.

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